About our Company

GC Best Practices is a business solution company focused on helping the construction industry with efficiency, consistency, and profitability. Our solutions assist companies in growing their competitive advantage. Our collection of construction specific best practices help you gain control of your workflow and develop your employees.

GC Best Practices offers standards and procedures in three main operational phases of a construction project: Procurement, Pre-Construction, and Construction. When you visit “The Store,” you’ll find a number of important best practices within these phases.

Beyond the Construction Operations category, Position Descriptions, Employee Manuals, and Pay & Performance Review sub-categories appear within our Human Resources section. In that area of “The Store,” there will be a number of standards, procedures and practices helpful to supporting your employee development initiatives.

Each area has high quality, high value best practices for your immediate download and implementation. Click on "The Store" to review best practices applicable to your company.