After 25 years of construction executive level management and industry consulting, synapsys, inc. recognized a significant need for documented standards and procedures among small to medium sized general contractors.  Through its history of consulting engagements, the standards and procedures needs of a number of GC’s were met as new documents were developed and implemented.

The effort confirmed that when workflow procedures were documented and implemented for general contractors, the project’s profitability improved. Also, when employees completely understood their duties and responsibilities as defined through position descriptions, they performed consistently and at a higher level. And when an employee’s performance review was conducted timely and in a meaningful manner, turnover was reduced. The importance of clearly defined standards and procedures was evident.

In 2010, GC Best Practices was formed and after months of development, the best of the construction industry’s practices and procedures are available to you today. From “The Store,” you can acquire and download procedures ready for implementation in your company. Further, all GC Best Practices are customizable to reflect the uniqueness of your organization.

While our consulting arm (www.synapsystemsinc.com) remains active serving the construction industry, GC Best Practices is available to you 24/7 with the standards and procedures you require in your organization. Click on "The Store" to begin building your library of best practices and procedures.