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Improving Performance through Alignment
Organizational alignment is crucial for performance measurement and improvement. The congruence of strategic visions, goals, and objectives with individual motivations and aspirations is paramount to achieving success.

Clearly establishing and documenting a direction positions an organization for success. Realizing success though occurs only after 1) an employee understands the broad objectives and acknowledges how their initiatives link to the approach; AND, 2) organizational business processes, standards and systems exist enabling consistent performance execution.

Growing Your Company From Within
GC Best Practices affects positive change within your organization's culture. If you believe there are opportunities for improvement with your standards of performance, your measurements, your results, your employee’s growth and development, the products here will assist your organization tremendously.

If you’ve been too busy working IN your company instead of working ON your company, the ease of our system and the quality of our product will get you started on the company infrastructure you desire. Improvement efforts in organizational structure, process and procedure implementation, and people systems development always produce improved results.

On Time & On Budget … Everyone says it, but how do you ensure it?
You can only be 100% confident in this if all employees are doing the right thing at the right time ALL of the time. So, you must ask yourself…”Do they ALL know and understand the construction process and how their duties and responsibilities impact it along the way?”… “Am I sure they are doing things out there the way we want them to or are they doing things they way they think things should be done?’”

The Importance of Standards & Procedures … An Employee’s Perspective
Standards and procedures are the lifeblood of any successful organization and should be developed for every process in one’s business. Employees are on the front lines of every company while policy and procedure is the guiding force in all they do toward meeting project objectives and goals.

Policy defines the organization's position for handling specific business scenarios. Procedures and guidelines exist to assist the employee in abiding by the company’s policy while meeting objectives and ensuring satisfaction and success.

All GC Best Practices incorporate a clear description of the process. A company policy statement is suggested for all standards. Responsibility and authority is defined within each process in terms of “who” in the company has “what” authority relative to the process. Finally, all GC Best Practices have a guidelines section that walk employees through the typical “to-do’s” associated with the standard. Where appropriate, examples may be included in the best practice document.

Executive Leadership
No matter how you look at it, executives are the primary instrument of employee influence, organizational impact, and personal accomplishment. Successful change efforts require strong and visible leadership. GC Best Practices provides the tools you’ll need to improve your company’s infrastructure enabling you to manage people and projects and produce consistently over the long term.